Thumping base resonates within the arena


muscular bodies fly, slamming onto the drum,


ecstatic we cheer as new troupes are introduced.


Blood spilling violence, heart break, and joy


a happier more violent, non-reality.



Youngsters, oldsters and in-betweensters are present


cheering with each beat: anticipation builds



finally it’s time – tonight’s finale.



First, he is all that is evil (swastikas adorn his boots),


his goal: to rid the world of those who are less than him.


Next, a good man, clean, virtuous, the righter of wrong,


a hero for all.


A mêlée ensues, hate rages, tempers flare,


our hero’s fight is the good fight,


chairs deliver skull crushing impacts,


un-daunted their battle rages, blood pours, bodies fly.


Slobber is knocked from the combatant’s tirelessly hulking





 Evil takes an upper hand over all that is good.


Near lifeless our Robyn Hood turns to us,


searching for strength - we are helpless, only our cheers to offer.


An unbelievable recovery,


re-energized, strengthened by our collective cries for victory.


Evil is decimated,


 we are deafened by malevolence’s final fall.


All is good, at least for another day,


until the battle continues


same time, same place,


next week.