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Tim’s Good News, Official Backing From Kawasaki Motors UK

Tim Blakemore received some great news last week when he was informed that the Blakemore and Rose team is to become an Official Team of Kawasaki Motors UK. The team have enjoyed support from Kawasaki for the past two seasons but now Kawasaki are to increase their commitment. The team is to receive significant parts support as well as some financial backing for 2005 on top of the support they currently enjoy. Tim believes this could be the biggest involvement ever by a motorcycle manufacturer in a UK based
drag racing team. Kawasaki have been particularly pleased with the public response to Tim’s bike at shows and the bike will continue in this role being part of their display at both the BMF and the NEC. This in turn is
helping to generate interest and awareness of the sport in a wider audience. The team is also to become a more regular fixture on the Kawasaki website (http://www.kawasaki.co.uk/) and in their “Good Times” magazine. Additionally, if all plans come to fruition, a high profile press feature could follow later in the year.

The backing will allow the team to continue their development of the exciting ZX-12R Funnybike as they work to harness the enormous power the engine develops and try to take the bike to the top of the Funnybike performance league. Work is well under way on developments for the 2005 season including a beefed up transmission, new oil system and a diet that has seen the bike lose more than 30lbs.

Tim would like to thank everyone that has helped support his efforts so far and is looking forward to repaying their faith in him with good track performances this year. He would specifically like to thank all at Kawasaki Motors UK (particularly Simon Belton and Martin Lambert), Paul Rose (patience, humour and the wallet), Steve C at Classic and Performance engineering (based here at Tim Blakemore racing) for all the machining
expertise, who lost many nights sleep and is probably a little greyer creating many vital parts, the hard working crew Augy, Paul (Spondon) Smith for outstanding commitment and perseverance, Wendy Clutterbuck for machining work (and brackets!) tech assistance and putting up with me (Tim), Steve Rice (top tuning advice), Chris Weismann (quality transmissions), John Webster (chassis), Paul Bland (bodywork), Tim Cox at TJC Custom Paintwork, Griff’s Motorcycle services (powder coating) and finally Andy at A.G Metal services (polishing & welding).